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Week 3 Vlog: How I Minted My First Music NFT |

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Yesterday, I minted my first music NFT on Factory by Mint Songs.* Honestly, I was surprised by how easy the process was. When I thought of the WEB3 space before, I thought of a complicated internet that takes hours of coding to create and sell your art. However, the process was far from that.

Factory by Mint Songs made minting NFTs very straightforward for anyone to understand. After uploading my music file and my album art, I was able to decide my royalties for my project. Factory automatically translated the currency from wETH to USD, so that I could understand how much I was selling my NFT for. At first, I priced my NFT for 3 wETH and immediately knew I was mistaken when the conversion came out to $3,416. I lowered my price to .015 wETH, which came out to about $16.

This is similar to how much a lot of other artists are selling their NFTs for on the space, so I figured it was a fair price. When deciding how many editions I wanted to release, I chose 15 because I wanted my first music NFT to be somewhat exclusive. Lastly, there was an option to set up royalty splits if I had to pay a producer or something.

After minting, the next step is marketing and reaching out to the communities that will be interested in my music. Twitter and Discord are going to be big spaces where I want to grow my notoriety. Mint Songs has their own discord server that I have joined as well to get more involved in that community. I believe the more I get involved, the more my NFTs will sell.

As I was trying to figure out how to mint my first NFT, I reached out to the Mint Songs support team and they were super helpful in answering all my questions. My goal is to eventually get an invite to the curated platform, but for right now, I am glad I was able to get my first NFT out there for the world to see.

Written by Kadari Machen - STARZ* Web3 & NFT Accelerator Student.

* This vlog was recorded on Jul 15, 2022. As of Sept 15, Factory Mintsong has started winding down its site, and has given directions to relist the NFTs on other platforms.


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