The WUTW Foundation mission is to create sustainable, positive change in the world through art, technology, entertainment, and education.


We collaborate with prominent artists, educators, entrepreneurs, humanitarians and companies that share our vision in creating abundant growth opportunities through fun, engaging, and accessible educational projects.


Our foundation operates on three core pillars, ART, EDUCATION and UPLIFT. We believe that nurturing creativity, sharing learned wisdom and creating safe educational spaces provides a solid foundation for empowerment, inspiration and productivity. All of our projects include elements of each pillar and are designed to produce sustainable, real-world results. Everything that we do is purposed to create maximum value while optimizing resources and having fun.



One of our functions involves working with top companies to repurpose corporate social responsibility dollars and marketing budgets in ways that positively impact individual communities while staying true to the company DNA and uplifting the brand mission. We strategically design fun and engaging educational experiences that generate lifelong memories and lasting value to the community.



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