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THE LAST SHIFT: Our First Youth Short Film Captivating Film Festivals Across the US

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Our short film written, directed by & starring our students “THE LAST SHIFT” produced and edited by @vesperiafilms @harrisonhoude @dakotadaulby @cinepacks.studios has been accepted by a few film festivals already. We are excited to have our students’ first real film production be shown on the big stages!

Behind the scenes photos from filming The Last Shift.

We had an amazing field trip day at CINEPACKS film studio! Our students had the opportunity to use professional equipment and sets to record their first collaborative short film. Special thanks to our amazing guest instructors (also full-time Hollywood professionals) Harrison Houde and Dakota Daulby for the expert mentorship and guidance, as well as to Cinepacks studios for making it an outstanding positive experience for everyone!

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