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The eARTh Project: Financial Literacy, Credit 101 & Social Entrepreneurship

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Every year, millions of teenagers graduate high school without a foundational knowledge of money and how it works. Many of these bright young people get into tremendous debt that creates life challenges, making it difficult to find purpose and create a sustainable life in this ever-changing world. Things could be different if kids were made to learn about money in school, but the public school system can be slow to adapt to the needs of students, sending them into the real world to figure it out on their own.

We decided to address this need with workshops and lesson plans designed to teach the basics of finance in fun, engaging ways that students can implement immediately. We believe that by sharing this essential financial knowledge with our youth, the future will be more abundant for all of us!

Published author and California State University Professor Gary Polk teaches our students about creative entrepreneurship.

Our Lesson Plans include basic & essential information on banking, loans, credit, taxes, business formation and more!

Would you like to make a sustainable positive change in the lives of young people around the world? Your generous donations provide educational scholarships, production equipment, and operational support that makes it possible for the WUTW Foundation to bring dynamic learning opportunities to the kids who need it most.

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