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The Age of The Artist: No longer starving

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Artists are now taking the stage, except it’s virtual.

The metaverse is the future of the internet. It incorporates features such as web3 and cryptocurrency to create a digital platform where users can own their IP and can be compensated for their work. Let’s dive into some examples of the ways artists are monetizing off of this new technology.

Virtual Art Galleries + NFTs + Community is a web3 metaverse space that aims to connect communities together. Within the platform artists can create like-minded communities in 3D spaces as well as showcase and sell their designs in an interactive way. Artists such as Bijan Machen have created Spatial art galleries where users can immerse themselves in an interactive display of art with the opportunity to purchase the minted NFTS. Spatial is an indicator of the future of online shopping, where we could have completely 3D virtual stores.

Poetry NFTs

The Web3 and NFT community is now innovating in the world of poetry. Spoken word poets can sell their audio and visual clips as NFTs on platforms such as OpenSea, Etherpoems, KnownOrigin, and Objkt. David Bianchi is an actor, writer, and poet who developed a Generative audio and visual collection called, “Senses,” alongside musical artist PLS&TY, and creative coder Dogandemir. The collection, birthed from a series of 100 poems, aimed to tell the story of what it meant to be human. It combined elements of visual and audio art to bring the story to life.

TheVerseVerse is a poetry NFT gallery where acclaimed writers can make the transition to selling their poems in the metaverse. It was co-founded by acclaimed writers Ana Maria Caballero, Sasha Stiles, and Kalen Iwamoto. Oftentimes, poems are written over an artistic background. This allows both writers and artists to collaborate and create a collection.

The metaverse is truly a place for creators to thrive like never before. Collaborations whether it be through art, poetry, or music will allow artists to uplift one another while still promoting their work and receiving compensation in the form of royalties and crypto revenue.

This is the age of the artist.


Written by Rose Ngatchou

Student of the WUTW Web3 & NFT Accelerator Program 2022



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