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Introducing The Metaverse

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

What comes to mind when you think of the metaverse?

For one, I picture a dystopian world where everyone is hooked to a VR set. In this world, there is no more genuine human connection, but instead artificial connections through the web.

This is the portrayal of the metaverse that we receive in the media. It’s the story line that attracts the most attention and views. What if I told you that we are already in the Age of the Metaverse. From technologies such as zoom, a platform used to connect people and businesses via video chat, to virtual reality games such as IMVU and Fortnite. These forms of virtual connections are stepping stones towards the future of virtual reality, and the possibilities are truly endless.

According to an expert breakdown from Vice, Mathew Ball describes the metaverse as, “a 3D version of the Internet and computing at large.” But the metaverse goes beyond technological innovation, it is a place we can not only form a different kind of connection but also create. Let’s dive into some of the exciting paths being paved within the metaverse.

The future of education could look very different with the implementation of the metaverse. Companies like Axon Park -ODEM- have already created platforms where educators can connect and teach virtual, but universities within the metaverse would allow students to have access to education in a unique way online. This has long term implications such as lower tuition costs as well as the potential to earn cryptocurrency while learning. Proof of Learn is a company that is dedicated to this mission.

When it comes to community programs that educate students in Digital Media, including knowledge of web3, NFTs, as well as the metaverse, the We Uplift the World Foundation (WUTW) is changing the game. Founded by Bijan Machen, a fine artist, community leader, and investor, WUWF is a movement to empower a young generation of digital artists.

Artists are now able to have more ownership of their creations through the metaverse. With the use of NFTs (non fungible tokens), creators can profit through the sales and resales of their content. Some items being sold are, paintings, clothing, collectable items, digitized art, music, and poetry. According to Prn News wire, the NFT industry is expected to grow by over 140 billion dollars from 2021 to 2026. Top creators in this field include the painter, Trevor Jones, digital artists Victor Langois,and crypto-artist, pak

There are many potential opportunities within the metaverse such as digital real estate and completely virtual stores. However, these concepts are still in their early stages. As I am learning myself, I’m starting to understand how complex the metaverse is. While virtual reality and gaming are certainly large aspects of it, there are many opportunities within the metaverse to innovate. And I’ll be talking more about these opportunities in my next videos.

The idea of the metaverse feels like a different world, and it is. However, perspective is key. Is it a future dystopian gone wrong or is it a new age of creative and technical innovation where users can become more empowered contributors?

Written by Rose Ngatchou

Student of the WUTW Web3 & NFT Accelerator Program 2022



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