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WUTW Pillars and the 3 eARTh Elements

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

The eARTh project operates on three core elements: ART, RESPONSIBILITY and TECHNOLOGY. We believe that nurturing creativity, social responsibility, and environmental awareness while providing access to technology create a solid foundation for empowerment, inspiration and productivity. All of our projects include elements of each o the three WUTW pillars (ART, EDUCATION and UPLIFT) and are designed to produce sustainable, real-world results. Everything that we do is purposed to create maximum value while optimizing resources and having fun.

Art Sessions - Creative film making & storytelling exercises with an

inspirational focus.

Responsibility Sessions - Nutritional, Sustainability & Business sessions designed to connect with youth.

Technology Sessions - Creative storytelling workshops: explore creative tech tools and ways to create revenue from talent / content creation.


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