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Summer Creative Youth Programs Fundraiser Launches on eARTh Day

As we're finishing up an amazing season of Media & Filmmaking programs, we are learning that there is a lot of demand for summer creative youth programs. Our students want to continue learning and working on exciting creative projects during the summer.

We are raising funds to pay for operational expenses, equipment, software, and educator salaries. Each program includes 8 intensive workshops, can accommodate up to 40 students and costs $5,000.

The eARTh Project workshops will begin in May 2023 and will serve students in multiple cities including Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Columbus, Ohio. All WUTW education programs are free to students.

What is the eARTh project?

The eARTh Project is an experiential sustainability workshop where students ages 12-18 learn about healthy nutrition habits, growing plants, and creatively upcycling clothing. At the same time, students will learn lessons in creativity, personal growth, professional development, financial literacy, and filmmaking. Learn more about the program here.

We believe that all children, regardless of their location or socioeconomic status, deserve high quality educational experiences.

Help us reach more youth and make their creative dreams come true!

With your help we can provide summer programs to more students. Thank you, the WUTW Team. <3

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