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  • Kadari Machen

How to mint a Music NFT

As someone that is new to crypto currency and NFTs, I was bewildered when I was first asked to release my music as an NFT. I understand that being a professional recording artist is more than just making good music, but I must learn ways to market and sell that music as well. If you are a musical artist, like myself or any artist for that matter, learning to sell your art as NFTs will likely be the next big thing. Here are the main steps to releasing your work as an NFT:

+ Create a crypto wallet

  • Top Crypto wallets: Coinbase, Exodus,, MetaMask

+ Connect your crypto wallet to a NFT marketplace

  • Top NFT marketplaces: Opensea, Nifty Gateway, Rarible, SuperRare, Magic Eden, Foundation

  • Top Music marketplaces: Catalog,, Zora, OpenSea, Royal, Rarible

+ Create/ Upload your work to the NFT marketplace

  • Note: on most marketplaces you will have to pay a gas fee to upload your work

    • A gas fee basically covers the cost it would take for the blockchain to compute that transfer.

  • This is where you set up your smart contract and decide how much you will be compensated for secondary sales

  • Make sure your NFT wallet is connected to your wallet so that you can receive money and pay for the gas fee.

+ Once your NFT is minted, it is ready to sell on the blockchain!

Releasing music NFTs could become extremely significant to independent artists like myself because it is a way for us to make money from our music without necessarily gaining thousands of followers or signing to a major record label. We will only need a couple big supporters to fund a sustainable music career. When we first hear these broad terms like music NFTs, it can be overwhelming, but learning these exact steps required to release my first music NFT gives me a clear list that I can follow so that I can confidently release my first song as an NFT.

I believe the quicker I learn about the nuances within blockchain and the music industry, the more prepared I will be for when the industry transitions. It is only a matter of time before we see a necessary change with an industry that currently has many unhappy artists.



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