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NFTs, Poetry & Video Editing | Week 2 Vlog STARZ* Web3 & NFT Accelerator

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Week 2 Vlog STARZ* Web3 & NFT Accelerator student, Rose shares what she learned this week, including a deep-dive into NFTs, how she learned to make cool video edits on Canva, and her plan for her novel poetry NFT project.

ABOUT STARZ* Our immersive STARZ* Web3 & NFT Accelerator Program is designed to help students learn about the blockchain, web3, smart contracts, NFTs in various applications, and guide them through the process of minting their own NFTs. Our mission is to empower young artists to become sustainable creative entrepreneurs, and introduce them ways to monetize their talent using web3 and NFT technology.

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